Opinion: Christmas Is Awesome…

Given that us British people manage to find a shit tradition for nearly every religious event (egg painting competitions for Easter, consuming illegal amounts of maple syrup on Shrove Tuesday) it seems unsurprising that the worst of them all comes at Christmas.

I am of course, referring to the tedious race for the cherished Christmas number 1 spot. Previous winners have included Neil Morrisey’s pitiful career choices, a load of patronising bastards asking if someone knows whether it’s Christmas or not, and Cliff Richard. Four times over. Christ, it is really quite depressing to be typing that.

But with all that X-Factor and Spice Girls rubbish, there are a few bands out there getting into the spirit of things and attempting to give the number one spot some nice meaty balls. One particular band who have got my support and encouragement this year are Reuben, with their appropriately titled single ‘Christmas is Awesome’. Having never been really impressed by the threesome who hail from Aldershot in the UK, my opinion was completely changed after hearing their third album ‘In Nothing We Trust’, an album that is certainly worth a listen if you’re looking for some passionate, fairly angry music, with a sprinkling of entertaining lyrics to sweeten the deal.

Do these hard working lads a favour and choose them over a sheep.

There’s little chance that the song will get anywhere near number one this year, what with tough competition from a sheep, but it’s always worth a try. The single is released on December 17th and is available through iTunes.


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