Heard It Yet?: Truckers of Husk – Physical Education EP

Truckers of Husk - Physical Education EPArtist: Truckers of Husk
EP: Physical Education EP
Label: My Kung Fu Records
Released: 2008

Clocking in at a tantalisingly teasing seventeen minutes short, Truckers of Husk’s debut EP has, for me, cemented them as one of the most promising and downright enjoyable bands to come out of the UK in a while. After blowing me away opening for Future of the Left at the Monto Water Rats, making fellow support act Fighting With Wire sound as dull as family walks, I had to find out more about this band, and as it stands this is all there is to find. But what a find.

With the lurid EP artwork that immediately makes you think “drugs” enticing me enough, it was a pleasant surprise to find a band that had taken inspiration from the likes of (old) Don Cabellero and managed to make instrumental music that sounds fresh and, shock horror, enjoyable. There’s little to no pretension, but a series of well executed and catchy songs that never outstay their welcome and develop without the need for showing off how technically incredible their music is. Which, amongst the majority of post-rock, instrumental rock or whatever you want to call it is a fucking miracle.

Scouts is for life.
Scouts is for life.

This Odd Modern‘ wastes no time in kicking things off with crashing cymbals and hard, fast bass work that fills the sound out. Things then break out into a myriad of violin and finger hating guitar notes that chill and sweep you away. ‘Cookie Cool + the Candy Mob‘, for it’s crazy name, is a pacy jaunt that weaves a clear, infectious bassline that picks up the pace a little bit from the opener, but at no point are you left feeling that it’s all a bit too much.

Salad Ballad‘ almost sounds like a funked up ballad from the era of Henry VIII, before the guitars begin to run away with a hop and skip, freely and innocently running through a landscape of lettuce and tomatoes. Is it wrong that I begin to imagine such vegetarian friendly scenes when I’m chilling to this record? Probably, but I’m sure the boys from Husk won’t be too concerned about what’s going on in my mind, considering the grotesquely comical artwork in the package.

A Future Animal‘ continues to work this focus on guitar melody, another galloping riff that is considerately filled out with a deep, bassy throb and drums that sound knackered and worn through constant beating.

None of this would really be that great if it wasn’t for the closing moments of this EP. Simply put, ‘Panther Party‘ has the best vocal melody to close it off that I have heard all year. It’s so brief that you crave it so much more, and the whole song is a brilliant build up to the vocal chants. It goes from this merry dance to one a crushingly heavy riff that leaves you in shock, reeling from whatever it is you’ve just witnessed. Imagine seeing your parents getting it on in S+M gear and you’re nowhere near close enough to the shock that befalls you by the tracks conclusion. I’ve never fallen in love with a band quite so quick as I did when I first heard it at that Water Rats gig.

I was gutted to find out they played Latitude Festival this year...before Id heard of them.
I was gutted to find out they played Latitude Festival this year...before I'd heard of them.

Like the boot on the album, Truckers of Husk have kicked up a right stink with this EP, and hopefully (like a good fart) should be around for a while yet. I’m definitely convinced that, if they release an album next year, it’s going to be a fucking stunner.

MP3: Truckers of Husk – Panther Party


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