Opinion: Elbow in my Ears.

A little while ago I wrote a review for Elbow‘s third album, The Seldom Seen Kid. I doubt anyone read it, and at the time of publishing noone really gave a shit about who Elbow were. Perhaps the album should have been called The Seldom Seen Band. But, the moment the band won the Mercury Music Prize (and fair play to them, the album was perhaps the worthiest amongst the other shite nominations) the band have become The Only Band That You Should Play Or Use In Your TV Programmes Or Adverts.

I’ve just finished watching Top Gear, a program that features a remarkably ecletic music soundtrack – I’m telling you, the bloke (or bird, but it’s not likely) who has got the job of choosing the music for that show has got a brilliant taste. Every week there’s some Amon Tobin in the mix, there’s been Aphex Twin and Fuck Buttons and even Mogwai got a spin this week. But whoever this chap is has let himself down, because playing Elbow religiously throughout an episode doth not a good listen make.

I also find it extremely disconcerting that Guy Garver has the same expression in every photo.
I also find it extremely disconcerting that Guy Garvey has the same expression in every photo.

I am sick and tired of hearing ‘Grounds for Divorce’. Yes, it’s a good song, but does it need to be used in everything? ‘Starlings’ is beginning to drive me insane seeing as it is incessantly played as the backing track to a delicate plot exposition in trailers. I’m sick of hearing that Elbow are playing here, there and everywhere. I have grown weary of seeing them in magazines, on TV and in my dreams (what can I say, Garvey’s a dreamy guy).

They’re a talented British band, yes. And I’m overwhelmingly happy that a band with actual talent and a bit of rock in their cock are getting the airplay and exposure that they’ve deserved for a fair while, but must we do it in this style? Look back to a few months ago and I bet you’ll agree with me when I say everyone was fed up with ‘Starlight’ by Muse once it was everywhere you looked and listened?Even your mum played that song over and over again for crying out loud.

It’s a matter of concern that I bring up this opinion piece – to the boys of Elbow. Guy, Mark, Craig, Richard and Pete – please exercise some form of control over this abundance of attention, or you’re going to burn out quicker than a teenage matchstick romance.


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