EP Review: Kierononon – Three Man Party

Kieronononon - Three Man PartyEP Review: Kierononon
EP: Three Man Party
Label: Roxxor2

Have you ever stopped and noticed patterns developing when it comes to band names? Last year was the year of ‘Fuck’, as the likes of Fuck Buttons, Holy Fuck and Fucked Up were paraded on the front of the music magazines. I think we’re still trying to get over the amount of bands who put ‘The’ in front of their name a few years back, and now in 2009 I think I am beginning to see what could possibly be the next fad in band naming – the repetitive, overlong, ‘we’re wacky’, name.

Ok ok, so at the moment I’ve only got Dananananaykroyd and Kieronononon to back up my claims (although if you’ve heard of any more, let us know so we can sigh), but it would seem that this kneejerk reaction to the plain tedium of sensible names is also going to be reflected in the type of music bands such as Kieronononon are putting out. ‘Three Man Party’ is their fourth release, a mini album that’s as erratic as an epileptic at the school disco.

‘…And You’re Not James Bond Either’ starts things off as they mean to go on. Odd guitar patterns scale up and down as the vocal assault changes tack at every chance, going from megaphone ramblings to group jeers. For the most part it’s the catchiest song here, minus the awkward moment where they try and be clever, slowing things down to pick it back up again. ‘…Vampire Vodka Party’ has a fuzzy bass line that dominates most of the sound, with vocals sounding like they’re being provided by the Addams Family.

There’s some good beats throughout the EP – ‘…But I Really Shouldn’t Have’ drops with a nice drum flow, and the vocals scattered over it are fast and understated, letting the grungy tones of the bass carry the song. The ‘rap’ is delivered in a similar style to Goldie Lookin’ Chain, that sarcastic attitude screaming out of the silly voices. It’s certainly the best track on here.

The worst thing about this EP though? The biggest sin the band commits? The sudden ending of tracks right in the middle of the tune. They get some good sounds built up, a good feel for a rhythm and then – bam! It just ends, and it leaves a massive sense of disappointment and needlessness to the tracks. What’s the point in getting into ‘…Eventually He Did’ and its crazy narrative if it’s just going to shove a full stop right in the middle of a sentence.

Overall I’m a little bit bemused by the band’s efforts. Their last EP (last year’s ‘Brutaltechnopunk’) was a mishmash of good ideas and solid foundations. But here they seem to have thrown themselves full-on into Patton territory, lacking the talent and arrogance to pull it off. It almost seems like they’re trying that little bit too hard to join the Patton Brigade, trying too hard to make their music as unstructured as possible, trying too hard to discover something that will blow your mind. There are some bright ideas, and the dabbling with mainstream ideas has a positive effect on the tracks when they are there, but everything about Kieronononon screams a childish attempt at being more obnoxious than anyone else. Is it any wonder the band was served with an eviction notice from their landlord during the recording process?

Originally published at Sonic Dice.

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