Album Review: Tribazik – All Blood is Red

Tribazik - All Blood is RedAlbum Review: Tribazik
Album: All Blood is Red
Label: Eastworld Records

Tribazik are another three-piece band from London. “What’s their bag?” I hear you proclaim from your worn and fraying computer deskchairs. Well, as their MySpace says, their ‘bag’ is “acid lines, industrial thuds and tribal beats”. So, Nine Inch Nails meets Sepultura meets druggy dance culture, right?

Well, no, not really. Sounding like a mechanical nightmare gone terribly awry, Tribazik kick off their first full-length album with the jilted ‘False Flag’, the lyrics declaring an immediate disdain for governments and other such matters. Whilst I don’t want to get too carried away on this point, I’d just like to put a little seed of thought in your head – we don’t get many bands happy with their lot in life do we?

The grungy angst remains an omnipresent force throughout the whole album, little bits and pieces sounding similar to what most people heard during the 90’s nu-metal phase. ‘Small Are We’ has a real Spineshank vibe to it, with the addition of electrical bleeps sliding up and down alongside the dank guitar chugs. Just over halfway in, it goes into a pretty bizarre breakdown, all bongo drums and distant guitar, before finding its feet again with the chorus. It’s repetitive and sleeps comfortably with that nu-metal tag, but it’s also catchy like an STD from that tasty bit of crumpet that everyone’s been waiting to have a dig at.

The lyrics are proper bollocks though, and totally beyond redemption. There are words, but that’s all they really are, just an excuse to have something to say that sounds a little bit revolutionary. It’s all a bit contrived with an anti-political attitude but, hey, the kids have got to revolt over something. I understand their grievances with the failings of democracy, but to put it forward in such a bland way doesn’t inspire anyone to fight against it and makes them come across as laughable.

But it’s not too bad really. ‘Molten’ takes a few cues from Isis with its throaty roars making up for the practically non-existent verse and horribly cliché faux-dramatic conclusion, and ‘As If’ has a great Amon Tobin-esque dance riff that pisses all over the previously mentioned gormless lyrics. It also closes on a good note – ‘Speak Through Us’ discards the impatient riffing of the rest of the album, and builds on a spaced-out tune that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Mastodon album, creating quite a haunting, and certainly engrossing, track. It’s a shame that the eleven minutes of soundscape are a pointless and self-indulgent denouement.

So ‘All Blood Is Red’ comes across as a bit of a mixed bag. I mean, it’s not completely terrible, and if this had come out five years ago, then the band might have found some popularity, but there are quite a few massive elements of the album that turn it into more of a joke than the band intended. If you still yearn for the likes of Spineshank, et al., then look them up. The rest of the world has probably moved on though.

Originally published at Sonic Dice.


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