EP Review: Wall Street Riots

Wall Street Riots - Playground PoliticsEP Review: Wall Street Riots
EP: Playground Politics
Label: Self Released

Wall Street Riots? Oh, I see what they did there! How very contemporary! Clearly on the cutting edge of culture reference band names, WSR introduce themselves with their first EP, the scathingly titled ‘Playground Politics’. That’s it boys, you show those nasty politicians what you think about them and their free duck houses and porn!

Except, rather confusingly, they don’t. In fact, rather than go the standard route for a lot of young bands these days, they reject conventional lashing out at the nanny state, government and daytime television, etc and go down the road of life stories. Their press release makes for amusing reading, detailing the story of where opener ‘Dr King’ originated. According to the blurb, one friend from school went so far to impress a young devotchka that they feigned brain cancer, supporting their case with a written doctor’s note from none other than Hilary King, of This Morning fame. That is one smooth suitor, but the song itself doesn’t really impress as much as that kid’s efforts for his first awkward fumble.

I suppose the best word to describe this radio-friendly release would be bouncy. Everything skips away in that merry blissfulness that the term pop-punk encapsulates so perfectly, and whilst the lyrics are just as trite as all the others from that stable, the music behind them at least doesn’t make a hash of being too ambitious. Guitars back things up with a sturdy amount of weight, but the true pulling factor is Rich Cooper’s hyperactive drumming, sounding as if he’s developed a method of playing that involves bouncing on a trampoline in a sumo suit. Or something.

If you’re looking for another slice of cheery boys to skip along to then you can’t really go wrong with Wall Street Riots. It’s completely inoffensive (unless you’re a fan of heavy metal and have a beard of at least two meters in length) and the band ticks all the right boxes for by-the-numbers pop-punk. Unfortunately, that makes it a rather uninspired affair, with these four songs not sounding too far removed from all the other examples of happy-go-lucky bands that have the virgin teenage girl in mind.

Originally published at Sonic Dice.

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