Album Review: BrokeNCYDE

Brokencyde - I'm Not A Fan But The Kids Like It!Album Review: BrokeNCYDE
Album: I’m Not A Fan…But The Kids Like It!
Label: Break Silence

The good news is this: the kids who like this band will not have the mental capacity to sit at their computers and read a few paragraphs attempting to describe just what is wrong with BrokeNCYDE, and every single soulless cunt that was and still is involved in their continued existence. That’s just as well, because as ‘da kidz on da streetz’ might say, “shit’s about to get nasty, dawg.”

I’m Not A Fan… covers a vast amount of social activities that the members of BrokeNCYDE particularly enjoy participating in. Namely, getting crunk (‘Freaxxx’), getting drunk (‘Get Crunk’), allowing girls to suck upon their dick (‘Booty Call’), anal sex (‘Get Up’), flashing their cash (‘Poppin’’) and of course regular hard drug usage (‘Schitzo’). You know, just your average day in the life of a group of borderline 20-year-olds growing up in suburban America with their parents.

Despite the band’s clear aspirations to be seen as controversial and shocking, going so far as to laughably compare themselves to the likes of Black Sabbath and N.W.A. in their press material, anyone with at least three brain cells will see right through it. BrokeNCYDE couldn’t possibly be a more mathematically calculated product, clearly devised by some sick, money hungry, depraved psychopath that has no interest in music, society, or anything other than how the money he makes validates the probable fact that some girl laughed at his dick the first time he got it out.

I don’t even know if it’s worth explaining how nonsensical the comparisons to the likes of N.W.A. are. Here we’ve got a group of mindless, vacuous tools with so little shame that they’re happy to present themselves as utterly deplorable humans, whilst N.W.A. were only shocking because their music called attention to the troubles faced by young black people growing up in a culture that seemingly only had room for white people. It would appear that BrokeNCYDE have confused boasting about their apparent lifestyles of excess as a comparable lyrical muse to racial oppression, police brutality and poverty.

But it’s worthless, getting so wound up by this piece of utter garbage. The sick PR suits that are happy to market this for a pay cheque know full well that no-one over the age of eighteen is going to fall for this. So, rather cleverly, self-deprecating humour has been rolled out in an attempt to limit the universal negative feedback from anyone who actually listens to music. Meanwhile, those that do fawn over it are impressionable, confused tweens who have learnt in this day and age to idolise those that glamorise the worlds of drugs and sex. They can’t help it, they’re told to like it.

Listen to ‘I’m Not A Fan…But The Kids Like It!’ on Spotify

Originally published on Sonic Dice.


4 thoughts on “Album Review: BrokeNCYDE”

  1. You can’t honestly call this a good review I mean I’m not gonna lie the message they send out to kids isn’t the best but just because people listen to certain types of music like this doesn’t mean that you can cut them down saying the apparently won’t have a mind to read this or don’t have even three brain cells to comprehend any of this. Well I listen to this music I’m over 18 and I own my own camera security company so you can’t start being a stereotypical asshole like this when the more you start cutting them down the more you start to become the person your trying to describe in this so called “review”.

  2. Hey, I want to take back what I said back in February. It turns out I was completely wrong. I actually think that pretty much everything you said was right on. This band obviously has zero talent and relies on the afore-mentioned transparent ploys to draw in people too uneducated (read: young) or too stupid to see through it. While I have never been one to say “this music is bad, this music is good”, this music IS bad and supercedes any claim of opinion. This is pure garbage. Also, I would like to apologize for my last “sentence” in my previous post, as it was rambling and rather incoherent. In summary: I am over 18 and stupid enough to like this band…oh and I own my own camera security company, so…uh, you know.

    P.S. I meant to type *you’re in my last post. (Being in the security camera business I don’t really read or write in English very often, so you must pardon my truly elementary error.)

  3. Yeaaaa definatley not me and does it really matter if I accidentally put your instead of you’re, I’m sooo sorry I didn’t know I was getting graded for this shit. I still like the band but it’s sad that people like you really care so much that I like this band that u have to put a fake post up saying it was me. I don’t care if people don’t like the band it’s my opinion and if yours is to not like the band then I could care less, but that fact that we have to act like were back in middle school again… Really?

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