Album Review: You’re Smiling Now But We’ll Turn Into Demons

You're Smiling Now But We'll All Turn Into Demons - Contact High Wit Da DemonsAlbum Review: You’re Smiling Now But We’ll Turn Into Demons
Album: Contact High Wit Da Demons
Label: Function

Sounding like the luscious, gloopy dregs of a heavy comedown, ‘Contact High’ is a record that instantly sounds familiar, but still has enough tricks up its sleeve to confound expectations.

At points ‘Contact High’ revels in what seems like the perfect splicing of sounds and inspirations that would make a bug-eyed, balding genetic scientist weep for joy. Somehow the band has got their hands on the seminal fluid of both Kyuss and Sonic Youth and created some spectacular musical offspring. The melancholic vocals of ‘Nervous/Alive’ are effortlessly suave, whilst the dusty, wailing guitar riff of ‘Alpha And Omega’ pays homage to the stoner rock gods.

For something so seemingly simple, there is a mountain of bands that ‘Contact High’ reminds you of, but never offensively rips off. ‘2009’ recalls a slow-motion Torche, creaking into life with the pains of aching feedback, only to be silenced by a dirty riff. There’s a heavy dose of Black Sabbath coursing throughout the whole album’s veins and as for the 18 minute mind melting of closer ‘Prismatic Reflections’ is what Mogwai would sound like had they been born in Texas and spent their days lounging outside on the porch.

‘Contact High’ is a mesmerising spectacle. It’s the soundtrack to days spent on dust-ridden roads leading to nowhere and everywhere; it’s the sound of the world crawling to a halt, as the sun simmers on the horizon. If such grand vistas are not available to you then just slap this on nice and loud on a Sunday morning after a heavy night’s drinking, and sink into its warm, comforting and fuzzy tones.

Originally published on The Line of Best Fit.


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