EP Review: Wounds

EP Review: Wounds
EP: Wounds
Label: Yoyo Acapulco

Slayer. The Shining. Dante’s Inferno (and not the videogame). These are just a few of the inspirations that Dublin based Wounds proudly display on their otherwise tatty MySpace. So far, not so unique. I mean, who doesn’t consider Slayer as an inspiration? Even my nan wishes she could keep on going like they do at such a ripe old age. However, Wounds have done a good job of backing this up with a brilliant debut EP.

Wounds is a brilliant slice of aggressive, garage-bred rock. It’s raw and chaotic, encapsulating all of the energy they exhibit on the stage. Seven tracks long, and just over twenty minutes in length, Wounds is a short, sharp punch to the gut. The opening crashes of ‘Trees’ leads into an almost tribal rhythm, before a low slung bass riff thunders one hell of a catchy groove. That’s all before Aiden Coogan’s vomit inducing vocal introduces itself.

The thing is with Wounds is that, despite it’s blatant aggression and spit-in-your-mouth attitude, every track here is a full on foot stomper. ‘Ugly Mouth’ seems a 4/4, bass-ridden tribute to schlocky horror films, as Aiden screams “Kill the body and the head will die!” It all seems to hang on a delicate thread, minutes away from total devastation, which just makes the ride so much more intense. ‘Black Lungs’ is an exercise in horror, with the sound of tortured screams in the background and Coogan’s vocals sounding incredibly desperate, like a man on death row.

‘Choke’ is without a doubt the highlight. A tight little bass-line introduces proceedings, and within seconds you’re thrown head first into a refrain that sees the band shouting “She’s always on the run!” before a criminally good moment where everything stops for Coogan (and by now, yourself) to scream “1, 2, 3, 4!” with him. It sums up everything about this band in a sharp shock of four minutes. Catchy, dirty, and dissonant.

Wounds is undeniable sleazy. Ever seen a guy sitting in the corner sneering at all the women in their high heels and short-short skirts (surely a common occurrence in Dublin?)? The kind of guy who you wouldn’t put it past them to be a bit…rapey? That’s Wounds aesthetic right there. Sounds good, although I wouldn’t advise going home with them alone.

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