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Album Review: Vessels

Vessels - DilateAlbum Review: Vessels
Album: Dilate
Label: Bias

You may remember Vessels as an up-and-coming bunch of lads with a penchant for the post-rock genre. They’ve been away a while, and in that time the post-rock pretensions have faded, replaced with a newfound focus on electronic doohickery. Continue reading Album Review: Vessels


Album Review: †††

Crosses - CrossesAlbum Review: †††
Album: †††
Label: Sumerian Records

††† – or, for the sake of our collective sanity – Crosses, is yet another side project starring Deftones’ Chino Moreno. This time he teams up with Far guitarist and childhood friend Shaun Lopez and producer Chuck Doom for a project that does no harm to his reputation as one of the most diverse and creative survivors of the 90s rock and alternative music armageddon. Continue reading Album Review: †††

Album Review: Pelican

Pelican - Forever BecomingAlbum Review: Pelican
Album: Forever Becoming
Label: Southern Lord

It’s been a period of transition for Chicagoan post-rockers Pelican. In 2012, two years after he stopped playing out-of-town shows, guitarist and founding member Laurent Schroeder-Lebec threw in the towel admitting that his heart wasn’t fully into it anymore. Stepping up to the plate on Forever Becoming, the band’s fifth album in a decade, is Dallas Thomas. Continue reading Album Review: Pelican