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EP Review: The Mirimar Disaster – Volumes

Artist: The Mirimar Disaster
EP: Volumes
Label: Undergroove

What is it about the letter M that attracts band names? My media player section for M is growing to ridiculous lengths with bands such as Meshuggah, Metallica, Mclusky, and Mouth of the Architect. This month has been a bevy for the M’s, with new albums from Metallica and Mogwai to name a few. And now, there’s another one to add to the fray – Sheffield’s The Mirimar Disaster, another M you’re sure to be hearing a lot about in the near future. Continue reading EP Review: The Mirimar Disaster – Volumes

Album Review: Metallica – Death Magnetic

Artist: Metallica
Album: Death Magnetic
Label: Warner Bros.

For some this album is like a second coming. The gradual build up of expectancy and hype, which saw Metallica fans straining their eyes across the internet at poor quality phone footage of new songs eagerly setting online forums ablaze with questions, with doubts, with fears and with a childlike innocence that suggested to all these worried fans: “It’s ok children, Uncle Metallica won’t let you down again.” Continue reading Album Review: Metallica – Death Magnetic

EP Review: The Host – Transmit

Artist: The Host
EP: Transmit
Label: Self Released

Hailing from Cincinati, Ohio, The Host are another example of what makes the internet such a great resource for music you might never hear. Considering I’d never heard of them, you can imagine my scepticism when an email popped up in my inbox, informing me matter of factly that “The Host will rock your world!”. Already put off, I opened the email up to find MP3’s from the band’s double EP effort, Transmit and Receive. The proof is in the pudding however, and I was genuinely impressed when I got round to giving the band a proper listen. Continue reading EP Review: The Host – Transmit

Album Review: Slipknot – All Hope Is Gone

Artist: Slipknot
Album: All Hope Is Gone
Label: Roadrunner Records

Ah, Slipknot. A band that I spent so long in denying my enjoyment of just because at my age you feel that it just isn’t….right. But, despite being nearly twenty and always making a conscientious effort to find music that stimulates me in many different ways (calm down), I just can’t deny my enjoyment of the odd spin of some Slipknot material. despite their target audience being considered as thirteen year old kids who hate their parents because they smile and wake them up in the morning. This is, of course, bollocks, because at the end of the day Slipknot in the past have been pretty good fun, despite the overplayed novelty of masks and copious band members. Continue reading Album Review: Slipknot – All Hope Is Gone

Album Review: Mothlite – The Flax of the Reverie

Artist: Mothlite
Album: The Flax of the Reverie
Label: Southern Records

Before things get started, first things first – I’ve never read a more pretentious press release from a band in my life. I mean, these things are made to sell the band in any way possible and usually come across as desperate attempts at making them sound like Jesus’ second coming, but Mothlite have taken the crown here. Three lengthy paragraphs about the industrial revolution and a butterfly that changed its camouflage only brought one thought into my mind – this is going to be so shit. Continue reading Album Review: Mothlite – The Flax of the Reverie

Album Review: Kayo Dot – Blue Lambency Downwards

Artist: Kayo Dot
Album: Blue Lambency Downwards
Label: Hydra Head

You’ll notice that this review is ridiculously late in coming. I apologise, but that’s because I’ve been thinking about how to go about writing this review for far too long now. Kayo Dot is the partnership of multi-instrumentalists Toby Driver and Mia Matsumiya, and together they create music that does its absolute utmost to defy description, words and categorisation.

Continue reading Album Review: Kayo Dot – Blue Lambency Downwards

EP Review: One Day as a Lion – One Day as a Lion

Artist: One Day as a Lion
EP: One Day as a Lion
Label: Anti

Zach de la Rocha is angry. Clearly he’s still really pissed off about war and lots of other ‘bad stuff’. The kind of thing parents are trying desperately to protect their knife wielding, bastard children. It’s been a long time since the Rage vocalist wrote some new material (if you forget the forgettable contribution to Michael Moore’s film, Fahrenheit 9/11) and rather disappointingly it seems that his muses remain pretty similar to the things he was rapping about on Battle of Los Angeles, which was released a rather unbelievable nine years ago.

Continue reading EP Review: One Day as a Lion – One Day as a Lion