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Album Review: Northerner – The Ridings

Northerner - The RidingsAlbum Review: Northerner
Album: The Ridings
Label: Home Assembly Music

Soft sounds wash over you as The Riding’s opening track glimmers peacefully, a chilled out experience that reminds me a lot of Air, and for the most part this serene atmosphere defines Northerner’s debut album. It rarely challenges its listener, instead perfectly content to move at its own pace, usually experimenting with different sounds whilst one constant holds it together, such as the dark croak of a bow in ‘Direction’. Continue reading Album Review: Northerner – The Ridings

Album Review: Gravity Field

Gravity FieldAlbum Review: Gravity Field
Album: Gravity Field
Label: Self Released

Is it a coincidence that Gravity Field‘s self titled album should fall into my mailbox just a few weeks after BBC4 aired its revealing insight into the birth and subsequent shaming of progressive rock? Has one genre ever been more of a universal laughing stock than the one that in its heyday had the biggest artists dressing like flowers and hiding behind walls? Regardless of what the world thinks, John Bassett, the single member of Gravity Field bravely storms out of the gate with his ambitious debut album. Continue reading Album Review: Gravity Field

Album Review: Powerdrive – Steel Roots

Powerdrive - Steel RootsArtist: Powerdrive
Album: Steel Roots
Label: Self Released

Here’s the first album review of 2009, which is set to be the worst year ever for everyone in the world. So what better way to kick off the year with some heavy fucking metal from Sweden? Concerned? Yeah, so was I given the terribly 80’s album cover and band logo that looks like it was an idea thrown into the rubbish heap for the Sega Mega Drive. But never judge a book by it’s cover, and so I eventually braved listening to Powerdrive’s debut, Steel Roots. Continue reading Album Review: Powerdrive – Steel Roots

EP Review: Shiema – Make Them Swing ‘Till It Hurts

Shiema - Make Them Swing 'Till It HurtsArtist: Shiema
EP: Make Them Swing ‘Till It Hurts
Label: Self Released

Shiema are a young trio working hard on getting their music heard by someone other than their mums and dads. Hailing from East London, the band’s press release claims that they were “always the bunch of kids who were the square block trying to fit into the circle hole.” What this says for the degradation of our education system here in the UK is a matter I will leave for the hilariously named Ed Balls to decide. All I’m willing to discuss here is Shiema’s self released EP, Make Them Swing ‘Till It Hurts. Continue reading EP Review: Shiema – Make Them Swing ‘Till It Hurts