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Live Review: Slipknot/Machine Head

Live Review: Slipknot/Machine Head
Venue: Hammersmith Apollo
Date: 2nd December 2008

I wont be the first to say it, but pantomine season truly kicked off tonight with Slipknot’s second night in residence at the Hammersmith Apollo. Masked horrors, blazing pyrotechnics and some very evil going ons was the order of the night, and I was actually really looking forward to it. Continue reading Live Review: Slipknot/Machine Head


EP Review: From Monument to Masses – Beyond God & Elvis

From Monument to Masses - Beyond God & ElvisArtist: From Monument to Masses
EP: Beyond God & Elvis
Label: Golden Antenna Records

Only available to us lucky sods in Europe, which makes a pleasant change from the yanks getting all the good stuff, ‘Beyond God and Elvis’ is an altogether far too brief sample of what we can expect on From Monument to Masses‘ new album, due in January. Two fresh, enlightening tracks and two remixes doesn’t sound like much, but it’s more than plenty to whet an eager appetite. Continue reading EP Review: From Monument to Masses – Beyond God & Elvis

Album Review: Stuck Mojo – The Great Revival

Stuck Mojo - The Great RevivalArtist: Stuck Mojo
Album: The Great Revival
Label: Napalm Records

Stuck Mojo have been going for a long time. In fact, the ball started rolling way back in 1989 and, according to their biography, they’ve been challenging mainstream music channels all that time. Indeed, having being picked up by Napalm Records who certainly know a thing or two about what won’t be played on the radio, things seem quite promising for the band’s eighth album ‘The Great Revival’. Continue reading Album Review: Stuck Mojo – The Great Revival

Interview: Russian Circles

Russian CirclesIt would be fair to say that there were some nerves on my behalf before I sat down and spoke to Chicago’s Russian Circles, but these all but dissipated with Dave Turncrantz hospitable attitude, and the fact that sitting but a metre away from me, Brian Cook is clipping his nails. With MC Hammer and various other 80’s cheese blaring out of the PA, I settle down to talk to the band about Station, the recruitment of Cook and plans for the future…among other things. Continue reading Interview: Russian Circles

EP Review: Past Lives – Strange Symmetry

Past Lives - Strange SymmetryArtist: Past Lives
EP Review: Strange Symmetry
Label: Suicide Squeeze

Past Lives is three quarters a reanimated corpse of indie darlings The Blood Brothers, whose shrill repertoire still shreds your skin apart to this very day. But with such a familiar vocal talent that is Jordan Blilie’s voice, is it really possible for the majority vote to create an inventive sound, with only new guitarist Devin Welch a fresh face? Continue reading EP Review: Past Lives – Strange Symmetry

Heard It Yet?: Truckers of Husk – Physical Education EP

Truckers of Husk - Physical Education EPArtist: Truckers of Husk
EP: Physical Education EP
Label: My Kung Fu Records
Released: 2008

Clocking in at a tantalisingly teasing seventeen minutes short, Truckers of Husk’s debut EP has, for me, cemented them as one of the most promising and downright enjoyable bands to come out of the UK in a while. After blowing me away opening for Future of the Left at the Monto Water Rats, making fellow support act Fighting With Wire sound as dull as family walks, I had to find out more about this band, and as it stands this is all there is to find. But what a find. Continue reading Heard It Yet?: Truckers of Husk – Physical Education EP

Album Review: These Arms Are Snakes – Tail Swallower and Dove

Artist: These Arms Are Snakes
Album: Tail Swallower and Dove
Label: Suicide Squeeze

Kicking off with the sharp and tangy bite of ‘Woolen Heirs‘, These Arms Are Snakes’ third album wastes no time in blazing through everything the band has been promising hardcore fans in their highly regarded back catalogue. Without a doubt, the obtusely named ‘Tail Swallower and Dove’ is the band shedding the comfortable resting wall of past glories and re-introducing themselves as an almighty force to be reckoned with on their own terms. Continue reading Album Review: These Arms Are Snakes – Tail Swallower and Dove