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Album Review: Wintermute

Wintermute - Robot WorksAlbum Review: Wintermute
Album: Robot Works
Label: Big Scary Monsters

Wintermute are the perfect kind of band for Oxford-based label Big Scary Monsters. Playful and somewhat cutesy, with their riffs brazenly cheerful, it looks like their debut release is going to find a comfortable home among the label that put records out from the likes of Blakfish and Tubelord. Continue reading Album Review: Wintermute

Album Review: Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell - ScreamAlbum Review: Chris Cornell
Album: Scream
Label: Interscope

There are many musicians that have made mistakes in the past. Lars Ulrich probably gets a bit red-faced whenever the Napster saga is mentioned, Michael Jackson’s ill-advised adventures with children have always cast a shadow over his career, and let’s not forget the recent debacle over Chris Brown and his jumpy fists. Despite the glorious pedestals modern society chooses to put them on, musicians are still human. It is important to remember this when considering Chris Cornell‘s new venture. Chris Cornell, a human being despite his involvement in the seminal Soundgarden, is capable of the same weaknesses as any other. Humans, we must remember, are not perfect. Humans make mistakes. Continue reading Album Review: Chris Cornell

Album Review: Sholi

SholiAlbum Review: Sholi
Album: Sholi
Label: Quarterstick/Touch & Go Records

I wouldn’t say no to the idea of living in California for a while. Sun-soaked beaches, attractive women wandering the streets in barely anything, and a lifestyle that is second to none. Initially, it’s this kind of glorious temperament that permeates throughout the Bay Area-based Sholi’s self titled debut album; light breezes and balmy days are embedded within the very fabric of the material here. Continue reading Album Review: Sholi

EP Review: Kierononon – Three Man Party

Kieronononon - Three Man PartyEP Review: Kierononon
EP: Three Man Party
Label: Roxxor2

Have you ever stopped and noticed patterns developing when it comes to band names? Last year was the year of ‘Fuck’, as the likes of Fuck Buttons, Holy Fuck and Fucked Up were paraded on the front of the music magazines. I think we’re still trying to get over the amount of bands who put ‘The’ in front of their name a few years back, and now in 2009 I think I am beginning to see what could possibly be the next fad in band naming – the repetitive, overlong, ‘we’re wacky’, name. Continue reading EP Review: Kierononon – Three Man Party

Album Review: Gravity Field

Gravity FieldAlbum Review: Gravity Field
Album: Gravity Field
Label: Self Released

Is it a coincidence that Gravity Field‘s self titled album should fall into my mailbox just a few weeks after BBC4 aired its revealing insight into the birth and subsequent shaming of progressive rock? Has one genre ever been more of a universal laughing stock than the one that in its heyday had the biggest artists dressing like flowers and hiding behind walls? Regardless of what the world thinks, John Bassett, the single member of Gravity Field bravely storms out of the gate with his ambitious debut album. Continue reading Album Review: Gravity Field

Album Review: Powerdrive – Steel Roots

Powerdrive - Steel RootsArtist: Powerdrive
Album: Steel Roots
Label: Self Released

Here’s the first album review of 2009, which is set to be the worst year ever for everyone in the world. So what better way to kick off the year with some heavy fucking metal from Sweden? Concerned? Yeah, so was I given the terribly 80’s album cover and band logo that looks like it was an idea thrown into the rubbish heap for the Sega Mega Drive. But never judge a book by it’s cover, and so I eventually braved listening to Powerdrive’s debut, Steel Roots. Continue reading Album Review: Powerdrive – Steel Roots

EP Review: Shiema – Make Them Swing ‘Till It Hurts

Shiema - Make Them Swing 'Till It HurtsArtist: Shiema
EP: Make Them Swing ‘Till It Hurts
Label: Self Released

Shiema are a young trio working hard on getting their music heard by someone other than their mums and dads. Hailing from East London, the band’s press release claims that they were “always the bunch of kids who were the square block trying to fit into the circle hole.” What this says for the degradation of our education system here in the UK is a matter I will leave for the hilariously named Ed Balls to decide. All I’m willing to discuss here is Shiema’s self released EP, Make Them Swing ‘Till It Hurts. Continue reading EP Review: Shiema – Make Them Swing ‘Till It Hurts