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Album Review: Mastodon

Album Review: Mastodon
Album: The Hunter
Label: Warner Brothers

If there’s one thing to say about the men behind Mastodon, it’s this – they’ve always gone out of their way to valiantly charge into the realms of imagination that the sane would flee from in tears. But with The Hunter, the follow-up to the bewilderingly successful Crack the Skye, this fearless beast is showing hints of becoming domesticated. Continue reading Album Review: Mastodon


Album Review: Electric Six

Album Review: Electric Six
Album: Zodiac
Label: Metropolis

Electric Six are the ultimate party band. With a vocalist called Dick Valentine, and the rest of the band sharing names such as Rock and Roll Indian, Disco and Percussion World, they’ve carved an effective niche in throwing together the usually disastrous combination of comedy and rock ­– Spinal Tap excluded, naturally. Continue reading Album Review: Electric Six

Album Review: The Ghost of a Thousand

The Ghost of a Thousand - New Hopes, New DemonstrationsAlbum Review: The Ghost of a Thousand
Album: New Hopes, New Demonstrations
Label: Epitath

As Manchester begat Oasis and Sheffield begat Arctic Monkeys it would seem that the coastal clime of Brighton is proving itself as the next burgeoning hotbed of great British talent, and may be the origins for the ‘next big thing’ that the likes of Radio 1 are always on the hunt for. Despite being renowned for its accommodating nature to the gay scene, there’s a remarkable amount of pissed off young men ready to shred guitars and vocal chords to say what they feel has to be said. Continue reading Album Review: The Ghost of a Thousand