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Interview: Boots With Spurs

Boots With Spurs really are quite fantastic, but it wasn’t until we had a chance to chat to them that we realised how fantastical they are as well. Their debut album is a brilliant piece of work, seemingly concocted out of a recipe of 30 years worth of science fiction films and The Mars Volta. You can read a review of that here. As the band sat in smoking jackets drinking a bottle of wine they found at one in the afternoon, we spoke to them about pretty much everything. Warning: the following transcript is not for the faint of heart. Continue reading Interview: Boots With Spurs


Album Review: Boots With Spurs

Album Review: Boots With Spurs
Album: The Sun Never Sets on Andy Griffith Pt. 1 & These Boots Were Made For Moonwalking
Label: Unsigned

According to their website, Boots With Spurs were “formed from stardust as a direct result of the Big Bang” and “raised on wolf’s milk, raw meat, and rock and roll religion.” This is the kind of introduction to a band that gets you searching for the phone number of the closest mental asylum. Everything about Boots With Spurs and their debut, self-released album, points towards a collection of unhinged minds indulging their wildest fantasies. Let’s put it this way: ‘The Sun Never Sets’ is full of the kind of grandiose ideas that would make The Mars Volta seethe with jealousy. Continue reading Album Review: Boots With Spurs