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Album Review: Admiral Angry

Admiral Angry - BusterAlbum Review: Admiral Angry
Album: Buster
Label: Shelsmusic

With a name like that it’s easy to only give Admiral Angry a cursory glance, simply writing them off as a bit of a silly sounding band. But delve just a little bit deeper, to the tracklisting of their debut album Buster, and those initial conceptions will immediately crumble. ‘Sex With a Stranger’, ‘Kill Yourself’ and my personal favourite, ‘Bug Vomit’ are just some examples of the imaginative epithets on offer. Explicit and disarming, Admiral Angry’s subject material is shocking, and that’s before you’ve even listened to the tracks. Despite their rather comical name, do not expect a laugh a minute ride. When they say they’re angry, they really mean it. Continue reading Album Review: Admiral Angry