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Live Review: A Fistful Of Fandango 3

Live Review: A Fistful Of Fandango 3 (Future Of The Left + Dinosaur Pile Up + White Belt, Yellow Tag + Kong)
Venue: 229, Great Portland Street
Date: 10/09/09

Future Of The Left

Tonight is the second event of the A Fistful of Fandango 3 indoor festival. Residing at the 229, this line-up certainly promises to be the one that will leave you going deaf, and if there’s anyone in doubt it’s evening openers Kong who give the majority of the 229’s smaller room a heavy case of tinnitus. But it’s not just an aural assault the trio give us – disguised in eerie masks and wearing scrappy red clothing gives the impression that this is a band that saw what Slipknot were doing 10 years ago and stamped an eccentric British stamp all over it. Frontman ‘Magpie’ threatens cold blooded murder with his wild eyes and grinding voice, and the songs themselves must be what it’s like to be trapped inside a psychopathic, schizophrenic serial killer’s mind. Seriously off-kilter and troubling, Kong have already cemented themselves as something you just have to see before you shuffle your mortal coil. Continue reading Live Review: A Fistful Of Fandango 3