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Live Review: Earth/James Blackshaw

Live Review: Earth + James Blackshaw
Venue: St Andrew’s Church, Brighton
Date: 16th April 2009


Tonight marks the first time I’ve stepped foot into a church since I was about thirteen. It’s a surreal experience, knowing the kind of music that will soon be reverberating around the 181-year-old walls of St Andrew’s Church, and there is a palatable sense of hushed reverence as I walk in to find local James Blackshaw performing alone with his acoustic guitar. At first glance, it may seem a strange support act for a band that is known for their omnipotent volume, but Blackshaw woos the audience with gentle, unchallenging melodies with just his acoustic guitar. His nerve holds well and the silent respect the audience pay him is probably helped by our surroundings but, towards the end, you can feel a tingle of restlessness in the air as another drawn-out guitar solo is started. Continue reading Live Review: Earth/James Blackshaw