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Album Review: The Ghost of a Thousand

The Ghost of a Thousand - New Hopes, New DemonstrationsAlbum Review: The Ghost of a Thousand
Album: New Hopes, New Demonstrations
Label: Epitath

As Manchester begat Oasis and Sheffield begat Arctic Monkeys it would seem that the coastal clime of Brighton is proving itself as the next burgeoning hotbed of great British talent, and may be the origins for the ‘next big thing’ that the likes of Radio 1 are always on the hunt for. Despite being renowned for its accommodating nature to the gay scene, there’s a remarkable amount of pissed off young men ready to shred guitars and vocal chords to say what they feel has to be said. Continue reading Album Review: The Ghost of a Thousand


Opinion: Independent’s Day

The music industry is in tatters. Every week there are ever more depressing reasons to give up hope on the music world altogether. CD sales are falling faster than Icelandic bank stocks, big wigs with stupid names are sitting at the boardrooms of the most powerful labels in the world, and Saturday night talent contests exploit the young and the beautiful, only to leave them on the side of the road with nothing after a year. That’s before we even consider the knock on effect of that ghastly label ‘the credit crunch’, causing music labels to fold and young artists to disappear in a sea of debt. Is it any surprise that Slipknot, those purveyors of doom and gloom for unloved teenagers across the globe, named their last album ‘All Hope Is Gone‘? Continue reading Opinion: Independent’s Day