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Album Review: Vessels

Vessels - DilateAlbum Review: Vessels
Album: Dilate
Label: Bias

You may remember Vessels as an up-and-coming bunch of lads with a penchant for the post-rock genre. They’ve been away a while, and in that time the post-rock pretensions have faded, replaced with a newfound focus on electronic doohickery. Continue reading Album Review: Vessels


Q&A: Vessels

Leeds’ Vessels have managed to impress a great number of people with their follow-up to 2008’s White Fields and Open Devices. Helioscope is a stunning record, and one worth checking out if you’re into the likes of Mogwai and bands of that ilk. If what I said about the album hasn’t convinced you, then have a read of what guitarist/vocalist Tom Evans has to say of their record, and what went on behind the scenes. Continue reading Q&A: Vessels

Album Review: Vessels

Album Review: Vessels
Album: Helioscope
Label: Cuckundoo Records

Whatever is being put in the water in Leeds, it’s having a magical effect on the quality of musicianship pouring out of the place. Vessels are the latest in a healthy list of bands to come out of the city with a strong record, Helioscope being a much more measured and concise account of what the five-piece have got stored away in their noggins. Continue reading Album Review: Vessels