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Album Review: ISIS

Isis - CelestialAlbum Review: ISIS
Album: Celestial (reissue)
Label: Ipecac Recordings

Sometimes you hear a band for the first time and you have absolutely no frame of reference to understand what it is you’re listening to. This was my – and probably a few others’ – experience with Isis. Continue reading Album Review: ISIS


Live Review: Isis/Torche

isis-thumbLive Review: ISIS/Torche
Venue: Scala, London
Date: 4th December 2008

It’s a shitter not having much money. But ATP, the promoters behind the upcoming Nightmare Before Christmas weekender have been generous in the gifts they’ve offered music fans this holiday season. Tonight’s show is, on paper, the best present of them all. Torche have had every music critic jumping at the chance to anally satisfy them, and ISIS are a band who have such a consistently incredible discography that there’s no way tonight can ever turn into a disappointment. Continue reading Live Review: Isis/Torche

Interview: Red Sparowes

Band: Red Sparowes
At the Soundless Dawn, Every Heart Shines Towards the Red Sun, Aphorisms.
Los Angeles, California

Well known for extensive song titles and solid songwriting, Red Sparowes are a highly regarded instrumental group, performing music in a similar vein to Pelican and Neurosis, without any vocals. The band features current and ex members of prestigious bands such as ISIS and Neurosis. They just completed a pretty extensive tour, including a few blistering dates in the UK, and have released their latest EP ‘Aphorisms’ via digital distribution outlets. I spoke to Greg Burns (bass, pedal steel) and Dave Clifford (drums) and here’s what they had to say for themselves. Continue reading Interview: Red Sparowes