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Live Review: Dub Trio

Live Review: Dub Trio
Venue: Underworld, London
Date: 17th May 2009

Dub Trio

There’s a somewhat lacklustre atmosphere for tonight’s show, probably down to the none-too-encouraging turnout, seemingly put off by the dreadful prospect of another early Monday morning. But once the three members of Dub Trio eventually saunter onto the Underworld’s glorified platform, things immediately start to get a lot more exciting. Continue reading Live Review: Dub Trio

Live Review: Zu/Black Carrot

Live Review: Zu + Black Carrot
Venue: Borderline, London
Date: 20th April 2009

Zu have been my surprise discovery of the year – their new album received a favourable review, and since then I’ve enjoyed diving into its murky depths on a regular basis. So, there was no question of where I was going to be on the 20th April – in a downtrodden, cramped, smelly and overpriced basement in London. Continue reading Live Review: Zu/Black Carrot

Live Review: 36 Crazyfists/Poison the Well/Gwen Stacy

Live Review: 36 Crazyfists + Poison the Well + Gwen Stacy
Venue: Electric Ballroom, London
Date: 13th March 2009

With tonight’s show starting at a fairly ludicrously early time, Gwen Stacy take to the stage at 7 to a sparse and disinterested crowd. But this doesn’t stop the Indianapolis band from putting their heart and soul into their brief set, with a markedly comic performance from bassist Brent Schindler. The dual vocal attack is rather less amusing, with some stretched notes and wobbly barks undermining the erratic brutality of the guitar riffs. The strangest moment however is reserved for Schindler’s closing missionary statement, informing the now slightly larger crowd that Jesus loves them, and they’ve got to have faith in something, which is understandably met with a rather deadpan silence. Continue reading Live Review: 36 Crazyfists/Poison the Well/Gwen Stacy

Album Review: The Monroe Transfer – I Dreamt I Was a Hammer and Everything Was Glass

The Monroe TransferAlbum Review: The Monroe Transfer
Album: I Dreamt I Was a Hammer and Everything Was Glass
Label: Organ Grinder Records

London is a funny old place. It’s a true cultural melting pot of greedy bankers and illegal immigrants, artists and vagabonds, and a healthy dose of depravity and opulence. You can find anything and everything there, and sometimes the Capital’s domineering presence can give birth to a true gem, as is the case with seven piece Londoners, The Monroe Transfer. Continue reading Album Review: The Monroe Transfer – I Dreamt I Was a Hammer and Everything Was Glass

Live Review: Isis/Torche

isis-thumbLive Review: ISIS/Torche
Venue: Scala, London
Date: 4th December 2008

It’s a shitter not having much money. But ATP, the promoters behind the upcoming Nightmare Before Christmas weekender have been generous in the gifts they’ve offered music fans this holiday season. Tonight’s show is, on paper, the best present of them all. Torche have had every music critic jumping at the chance to anally satisfy them, and ISIS are a band who have such a consistently incredible discography that there’s no way tonight can ever turn into a disappointment. Continue reading Live Review: Isis/Torche

Live Review: Pelican & Torche

Gig Review: Pelican and Torche
Venue: The Underworld, Camden
Date: 19th September 2008

I can’t believe this gig never sold out. Pelican, one of Hydra Heads most mesmerizing exports playing alongside one of the most praised new bands to come out on the label, Torche. All this, and they’re playing inside the tiny Underworld, which uncannily resembles the basement level of Guitar Hero II. Absolutely ridiculous if you ask me, but for those who didn’t go, know this – you missed out on one of the loudest, heaviest and most fucking awe-inspiring gigs I’ve seen in a while, and it was all thanks to those glory boys, Torche. Continue reading Live Review: Pelican & Torche