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Album Review: Future of the Left

Future of the Left - Travels With Myself and AnotherAlbum Review: Future of the Left
Album: Travels With Myself and Another
Label: 4AD

Formed from the ashes of the equally great bands Jarcrew and Mclusky, Future of the Left are now pushing forward with their desires to be a band on their own merits, and not those of the (admittedly awesome) past. Their last album passed many by, which is a shame given that its oddball sequences and sardonic lyrics from Andrew ‘Falko’ Falkous created a package of unique and fresh rock music. However, with a live show that has (as far as I’m aware) never failed to blow the audience away, and an already dedicated fanbase from the old days it’s time for Future of the Left to truly cement their sound and find a broader audience. Continue reading Album Review: Future of the Left


Heard it Yet?: Future of the Left – Curses


Artist: Future of the Left
Album: Curses
Label: Too Pure
Released: 2007

Perhaps one of the few decent things to come out of Wales, Mclusky were a noisy bunch of loudmouth bastards who probably didn’t know how to play their instruments and were absolutely completely full of themselves. It’s just as well then that they were fucking awesome, and came to their demise criminally early.

Since then things have been pretty quiet, and it came as quite a surprise to me that the remaining Mclusky boys, Andrew Falkous and Jack Eggleston had combined forces with ex-Jarcrew member Kelson Mathias and released Future of the Left’s debut album sneakily late last year. Continue reading Heard it Yet?: Future of the Left – Curses