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Album Review: Errors

Album Review: Errors
Album: Come Down With Me
Label: Rock Action

When it comes to music recommendations, I should hope that most people would put their trust in Mogwai. In their illustrious past they have championed notable acts such as Fuck Buttons, Part Chimp, Torche and the subject of this review, Errors. Having signed them up to Rock Action the moment the electronically afflicted Glaswegian’s started causing a bit of a commotion in 2004, Errors have repaid the favour with a string of impressive releases, of which Come Down With Me can be added with ease. Continue reading Album Review: Errors


EP Review: From Monument to Masses – Beyond God & Elvis

From Monument to Masses - Beyond God & ElvisArtist: From Monument to Masses
EP: Beyond God & Elvis
Label: Golden Antenna Records

Only available to us lucky sods in Europe, which makes a pleasant change from the yanks getting all the good stuff, ‘Beyond God and Elvis’ is an altogether far too brief sample of what we can expect on From Monument to Masses‘ new album, due in January. Two fresh, enlightening tracks and two remixes doesn’t sound like much, but it’s more than plenty to whet an eager appetite. Continue reading EP Review: From Monument to Masses – Beyond God & Elvis

Album Review: Mogwai – The Hawk Is Howling

Artist: Mogwai
Album: The Hawk is Howling
Label: Wall of Sound

How does a band like Mogwai go about recording an album? Known as one of the leading pioneers of that post rock arena, even if they don’t like the label, they can’t deny their incredible talent that has seen some of the greatest albums ever recorded done so in their name. Despite coming from Glasgow, surely a bad start in life for anyone, they have consistently released albums of such high quality that even their most dedicated fans still can’t quite agree on what is their magnum opus. So, with all this pressure upon the four men of Mogwai, how do they go about working on album number seven without sounding stale, without repeating past ideas, without alienating new and old fans alike? If there’s any one band that has had enough practice answering those questions, it’s the ‘Gwai. Continue reading Album Review: Mogwai – The Hawk Is Howling