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Live Review: Isis/Mothlite

Artist: Isis + Mothlite
Venue: Koko, Camden
Date: 21/10/09

Arriving on British shores again in support of their latest release Wavering Radiant comes Isis, with new songs, new merchandise and most shockingly of all, a rather bedraggled looking frontman. But did all this focus on ‘new’ provide the goods? Continue reading Live Review: Isis/Mothlite


Opinion: Top Ten of 2008

Ho ho ho, yet another top ten of the year that no-one cares about! Nevermind the numbers, these ten albums are a combination of what has amazed me, and what sums up what the year has brought us. Looking at my original reviews, it’s funny to see how my appreciation for certain albums has developed over the year, proving just how fickle and delicate such a thing as a review can be. I could have made a longer list, and certainly haven’t heard everything that 2008 offered, so maybe in about five years time I can come to some proper conclusions…in the meantime, have a look at what I liked, and then tell me what you liked. Continue reading Opinion: Top Ten of 2008

Album Review: Mothlite – The Flax of the Reverie

Artist: Mothlite
Album: The Flax of the Reverie
Label: Southern Records

Before things get started, first things first – I’ve never read a more pretentious press release from a band in my life. I mean, these things are made to sell the band in any way possible and usually come across as desperate attempts at making them sound like Jesus’ second coming, but Mothlite have taken the crown here. Three lengthy paragraphs about the industrial revolution and a butterfly that changed its camouflage only brought one thought into my mind – this is going to be so shit. Continue reading Album Review: Mothlite – The Flax of the Reverie