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Opinion: Elbow in my Ears.

A little while ago I wrote a review for Elbow‘s third album, The Seldom Seen Kid. I doubt anyone read it, and at the time of publishing noone really gave a shit about who Elbow were. Perhaps the album should have been called The Seldom Seen Band. But, the moment the band won the Mercury Music Prize (and fair play to them, the album was perhaps the worthiest amongst the other shite nominations) the band have become The Only Band That You Should Play Or Use In Your TV Programmes Or Adverts. Continue reading Opinion: Elbow in my Ears.


EP Review: The Host – Transmit

Artist: The Host
EP: Transmit
Label: Self Released

Hailing from Cincinati, Ohio, The Host are another example of what makes the internet such a great resource for music you might never hear. Considering I’d never heard of them, you can imagine my scepticism when an email popped up in my inbox, informing me matter of factly that “The Host will rock your world!”. Already put off, I opened the email up to find MP3’s from the band’s double EP effort, Transmit and Receive. The proof is in the pudding however, and I was genuinely impressed when I got round to giving the band a proper listen. Continue reading EP Review: The Host – Transmit