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Interview: Oceansize

“I always feel like it could end tomorrow,” a very hungover, yet convivial, Mike Vennart tells me in a hotel bar somewhere in London. You can’t blame the Oceansize frontman’s doubts about the future; this is a band with a 12 year history of standing by the sidelines watching other bands receive all the plaudits, their own efforts passing incredulous disc jockeys and festival promoters by almost unheard. Continue reading Interview: Oceansize


Album Review: Oceansize

Album Review: Oceansize
Album: Self Preserved While the Bodies Float Up
Label: Superball

Giving an opinion on an Oceansize album is a difficult job. If Everyone Into Position was their attempt at pleasing the masses (and it was) then follow-up Frames was a band unleashed into the wild, attempting to do everything within the space of 50 minutes, resulting in an incoherent album that had peaks, but often languished in overzealous ambition.

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Live Review: Oceansize/And So I Watch You From Afar/Vessels @ Heaven, London

Artist: Oceansize + And So I Watch You From Afar + Vessels
Venue: Heaven, London
Date: 3/2/10

“What the fuck do you say to 500 people?” is the question on Vessels guitarist Peter Wright’s lips as the band break their vocal silence and take time to introduce themselves to the throng of observers gathered in Heaven tonight. If they feel out of their depth, then the Leeds band are doing an extremely capable job of hiding it. Continue reading Live Review: Oceansize/And So I Watch You From Afar/Vessels @ Heaven, London

Album Review: Kong

Kong - Snake MagnetAlbum Review: Kong
Album: Snake Magnet
Label: Brew Records

The masked troubadours of Kong, who may or may not be connected in some way to Oceansize, have finally released their debut album. Let’s get one thing clear before we delve into Snake Magnet. Kong are demented. Not bad demented, the kind where you go on a murder spree to prove to that one special person how much you love them, but the good kind. Think of them as the musical equivalent of The League Of Gentlemen, just with less cross-dressing, a sizeable chunk of vociferous vocals and a diabolical amount of tortured guitars. Continue reading Album Review: Kong