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EP Review: Sons of Noel and Adrian

Sons of Noel and Adrian - Rivers EPEP Review: Sons of Noel and Adrian
EP: Rivers
Label: One Inch Badge Records

Music writing as part of the Sons Of Noel and Adrian collective must be an interesting experience. Consisting of twelve talented members, all with their own ideas and thoughts on what to write, it’s commendable that the band have managed to cram all those personalities onto just three songs, in their stop-gap follow up to last year’s self-titled debut album. Having said that, there is one overriding attitude that prevails over any other individual influences, and that is one of total melancholy. Continue reading EP Review: Sons of Noel and Adrian


EP Review: From Monument to Masses – Beyond God & Elvis

From Monument to Masses - Beyond God & ElvisArtist: From Monument to Masses
EP: Beyond God & Elvis
Label: Golden Antenna Records

Only available to us lucky sods in Europe, which makes a pleasant change from the yanks getting all the good stuff, ‘Beyond God and Elvis’ is an altogether far too brief sample of what we can expect on From Monument to Masses‘ new album, due in January. Two fresh, enlightening tracks and two remixes doesn’t sound like much, but it’s more than plenty to whet an eager appetite. Continue reading EP Review: From Monument to Masses – Beyond God & Elvis

Interview: Russian Circles

Russian CirclesIt would be fair to say that there were some nerves on my behalf before I sat down and spoke to Chicago’s Russian Circles, but these all but dissipated with Dave Turncrantz hospitable attitude, and the fact that sitting but a metre away from me, Brian Cook is clipping his nails. With MC Hammer and various other 80’s cheese blaring out of the PA, I settle down to talk to the band about Station, the recruitment of Cook and plans for the future…among other things. Continue reading Interview: Russian Circles

Interview: Bossk

I know, I know – I’ve been going on about Bossk incessantly recently but as of now all that is pretty much going to end. I promise. If you haven’t checked them out already then I don’t think there’s anything else I can say that can tempt you, but just before they took to the stage one last time at Camden’s Underworld, I sat down in the murky Underworld office to have a brief chat with Tom Begley, bassist and all-round wonderful bloke. Some people might have been concerned about how England were going to fare against the Kazakhs…the only thing on my mind was why this was the end. Read on to find out. Continue reading Interview: Bossk

Heard It Yet?: Bossk – 1 and 2

Artist: Bossk
Album: 1/2
Label: Qnotq/Eyesofsound
Released: 2006/2007

This is a rather delayed entry to the Heard It Yet catalogue, considering that it was only recently that I was fully introduced to Kent based post rockers Bossk. But now, after becoming so thoroughly enamoured with their two brief releases, I’ve been shocked and devastated at the news that they have decided to call it a day with irreparable member disputes to blame. Whatever the issues surrounding the band, there is no doubt that in their brief tenure they put out two brilliant EP’s which I’m going to shortly cover here, just to give you the opportunity to hear what was one of the UK’s most promising bands, easily rivalling the likes of Russian Circles and Pelican when it came to writing heavy, primarily instrumental rock. Think of it as a sort of tribute to what could have been. Continue reading Heard It Yet?: Bossk – 1 and 2

Album Review: Mogwai – The Hawk Is Howling

Artist: Mogwai
Album: The Hawk is Howling
Label: Wall of Sound

How does a band like Mogwai go about recording an album? Known as one of the leading pioneers of that post rock arena, even if they don’t like the label, they can’t deny their incredible talent that has seen some of the greatest albums ever recorded done so in their name. Despite coming from Glasgow, surely a bad start in life for anyone, they have consistently released albums of such high quality that even their most dedicated fans still can’t quite agree on what is their magnum opus. So, with all this pressure upon the four men of Mogwai, how do they go about working on album number seven without sounding stale, without repeating past ideas, without alienating new and old fans alike? If there’s any one band that has had enough practice answering those questions, it’s the ‘Gwai. Continue reading Album Review: Mogwai – The Hawk Is Howling

Interview: Red Sparowes

Band: Red Sparowes
At the Soundless Dawn, Every Heart Shines Towards the Red Sun, Aphorisms.
Los Angeles, California

Well known for extensive song titles and solid songwriting, Red Sparowes are a highly regarded instrumental group, performing music in a similar vein to Pelican and Neurosis, without any vocals. The band features current and ex members of prestigious bands such as ISIS and Neurosis. They just completed a pretty extensive tour, including a few blistering dates in the UK, and have released their latest EP ‘Aphorisms’ via digital distribution outlets. I spoke to Greg Burns (bass, pedal steel) and Dave Clifford (drums) and here’s what they had to say for themselves. Continue reading Interview: Red Sparowes