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Interview: Russian Circles

Russian CirclesIt would be fair to say that there were some nerves on my behalf before I sat down and spoke to Chicago’s Russian Circles, but these all but dissipated with Dave Turncrantz hospitable attitude, and the fact that sitting but a metre away from me, Brian Cook is clipping his nails. With MC Hammer and various other 80’s cheese blaring out of the PA, I settle down to talk to the band about Station, the recruitment of Cook and plans for the future…among other things. Continue reading Interview: Russian Circles


EP Review: Past Lives – Strange Symmetry

Past Lives - Strange SymmetryArtist: Past Lives
EP Review: Strange Symmetry
Label: Suicide Squeeze

Past Lives is three quarters a reanimated corpse of indie darlings The Blood Brothers, whose shrill repertoire still shreds your skin apart to this very day. But with such a familiar vocal talent that is Jordan Blilie’s voice, is it really possible for the majority vote to create an inventive sound, with only new guitarist Devin Welch a fresh face? Continue reading EP Review: Past Lives – Strange Symmetry

Album Review: These Arms Are Snakes – Tail Swallower and Dove

Artist: These Arms Are Snakes
Album: Tail Swallower and Dove
Label: Suicide Squeeze

Kicking off with the sharp and tangy bite of ‘Woolen Heirs‘, These Arms Are Snakes’ third album wastes no time in blazing through everything the band has been promising hardcore fans in their highly regarded back catalogue. Without a doubt, the obtusely named ‘Tail Swallower and Dove’ is the band shedding the comfortable resting wall of past glories and re-introducing themselves as an almighty force to be reckoned with on their own terms. Continue reading Album Review: These Arms Are Snakes – Tail Swallower and Dove