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Live Review: Russian Circles/Earthless @ Underworld, London

Live Review: Russian Circles, Earthless
Venue: Camden Underworld, London
Date: 13/04/10

My dad is with me tonight. There’s got be something to be said for a gig that can attract both a 21 year old student and a near 50 (sorry dad) rocker. I’m not too sure who it reflects on the worst – myself, the old man, or the bands squeezing onto the Underworld’s legendary stage. Continue reading Live Review: Russian Circles/Earthless @ Underworld, London


Live Review: Dub Trio

Live Review: Dub Trio
Venue: Underworld, London
Date: 17th May 2009

Dub Trio

There’s a somewhat lacklustre atmosphere for tonight’s show, probably down to the none-too-encouraging turnout, seemingly put off by the dreadful prospect of another early Monday morning. But once the three members of Dub Trio eventually saunter onto the Underworld’s glorified platform, things immediately start to get a lot more exciting. Continue reading Live Review: Dub Trio

Heard It Yet?: Bossk – 1 and 2

Artist: Bossk
Album: 1/2
Label: Qnotq/Eyesofsound
Released: 2006/2007

This is a rather delayed entry to the Heard It Yet catalogue, considering that it was only recently that I was fully introduced to Kent based post rockers Bossk. But now, after becoming so thoroughly enamoured with their two brief releases, I’ve been shocked and devastated at the news that they have decided to call it a day with irreparable member disputes to blame. Whatever the issues surrounding the band, there is no doubt that in their brief tenure they put out two brilliant EP’s which I’m going to shortly cover here, just to give you the opportunity to hear what was one of the UK’s most promising bands, easily rivalling the likes of Russian Circles and Pelican when it came to writing heavy, primarily instrumental rock. Think of it as a sort of tribute to what could have been. Continue reading Heard It Yet?: Bossk – 1 and 2

Live Review: Pelican & Torche

Gig Review: Pelican and Torche
Venue: The Underworld, Camden
Date: 19th September 2008

I can’t believe this gig never sold out. Pelican, one of Hydra Heads most mesmerizing exports playing alongside one of the most praised new bands to come out on the label, Torche. All this, and they’re playing inside the tiny Underworld, which uncannily resembles the basement level of Guitar Hero II. Absolutely ridiculous if you ask me, but for those who didn’t go, know this – you missed out on one of the loudest, heaviest and most fucking awe-inspiring gigs I’ve seen in a while, and it was all thanks to those glory boys, Torche. Continue reading Live Review: Pelican & Torche