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Album Review: Vessels

Vessels - DilateAlbum Review: Vessels
Album: Dilate
Label: Bias

You may remember Vessels as an up-and-coming bunch of lads with a penchant for the post-rock genre. They’ve been away a while, and in that time the post-rock pretensions have faded, replaced with a newfound focus on electronic doohickery. Continue reading Album Review: Vessels


Q&A: Vessels

Leeds’ Vessels have managed to impress a great number of people with their follow-up to 2008’s White Fields and Open Devices. Helioscope is a stunning record, and one worth checking out if you’re into the likes of Mogwai and bands of that ilk. If what I said about the album hasn’t convinced you, then have a read of what guitarist/vocalist Tom Evans has to say of their record, and what went on behind the scenes. Continue reading Q&A: Vessels

Album Review: Vessels

Album Review: Vessels
Album: Helioscope
Label: Cuckundoo Records

Whatever is being put in the water in Leeds, it’s having a magical effect on the quality of musicianship pouring out of the place. Vessels are the latest in a healthy list of bands to come out of the city with a strong record, Helioscope being a much more measured and concise account of what the five-piece have got stored away in their noggins. Continue reading Album Review: Vessels

Live Review: Oceansize/And So I Watch You From Afar/Vessels @ Heaven, London

Artist: Oceansize + And So I Watch You From Afar + Vessels
Venue: Heaven, London
Date: 3/2/10

“What the fuck do you say to 500 people?” is the question on Vessels guitarist Peter Wright’s lips as the band break their vocal silence and take time to introduce themselves to the throng of observers gathered in Heaven tonight. If they feel out of their depth, then the Leeds band are doing an extremely capable job of hiding it. Continue reading Live Review: Oceansize/And So I Watch You From Afar/Vessels @ Heaven, London