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EP Review: Wounds

EP Review: Wounds
EP: Wounds
Label: Yoyo Acapulco

Slayer. The Shining. Dante’s Inferno (and not the videogame). These are just a few of the inspirations that Dublin based Wounds proudly display on their otherwise tatty MySpace. So far, not so unique. I mean, who doesn’t consider Slayer as an inspiration? Even my nan wishes she could keep on going like they do at such a ripe old age. However, Wounds have done a good job of backing this up with a brilliant debut EP. Continue reading EP Review: Wounds


Live Review: Japanese Voyeurs/Sharks/Wounds @ Barfly, London

Artist: Japanese Voyeurs + Sharks + Wounds
Venue: Barfly, London
Date: 2/2/10

Arriving literally just in time to see Irish lads Wounds open tonight’s show, I’d be lying if I was surprised by just how great their performance was. Playing to a half full Barfly audience who are full of trepidation and standing right at the back of the room, the band seemingly took the audience’s fears and exacerbated them mercilessly. Within seconds of their opening salvo of ragged riffs, guitarist James Coogan is in the middle of the room, throwing his instrument and limbs all over the place. It’s not long before his brother and vocalist Aiden has joined him, the two bounding around the space like jacked-up kangaroos, getting in the faces of the perplexed audience. Continue reading Live Review: Japanese Voyeurs/Sharks/Wounds @ Barfly, London