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Live Review: Zu/Black Carrot

Live Review: Zu + Black Carrot
Venue: Borderline, London
Date: 20th April 2009

Zu have been my surprise discovery of the year – their new album received a favourable review, and since then I’ve enjoyed diving into its murky depths on a regular basis. So, there was no question of where I was going to be on the 20th April – in a downtrodden, cramped, smelly and overpriced basement in London. Continue reading Live Review: Zu/Black Carrot


Album Review: Zu – Carboniferous

Zu - CarboniferousAlbum Review: Zu
Album: Carboniferous
Label: Ipecac

The term ‘Carboniferous’ is defined as such: the period of geological time, 360 to 290 million years ago, during which true reptiles first appeared and vast swamps created coal forming sediments. Alternatively, it can mean: containing coal or carbon. With an album title such as this, I expected Zu’s fourteenth album to be a lumbering dinosaur of laborious riffs and over-analysed ideas that I was never going to get into. Continue reading Album Review: Zu – Carboniferous