EP Review: The Mirimar Disaster – Volumes

Artist: The Mirimar Disaster
EP: Volumes
Label: Undergroove

What is it about the letter M that attracts band names? My media player section for M is growing to ridiculous lengths with bands such as Meshuggah, Metallica, Mclusky, and Mouth of the Architect. This month has been a bevy for the M’s, with new albums from Metallica and Mogwai to name a few. And now, there’s another one to add to the fray – Sheffield’s The Mirimar Disaster, another M you’re sure to be hearing a lot about in the near future.

Volumes is an impressive, albeit brief, piece of work from a band that are certainly showing enough promise to just about make true on the amount of hype they’ve been subjected to from a lot of mainstream press. Taking their heavier cues from the likes of Botch and a riffier ISIS, the band whizz through a collection of musical influences and talent that combine to great effect.

It seems odd that a lot of UK bands these days are releasing these albums with short intro tracks that lead into the first single. Devil Sold His Soul did it pretty well on A Fragile Hope and it’s got a similar effect here leading the listener down a fairly quiet pathway before transforming into the monster that is ‘Control.Alter.Delete’.

However, the most promising thing about the band is the variety of styles they’ve incorporated here. ‘Volumes’ recalls early era Refused and vocals that fondly remind you of These Arms Are Snakes, before it develops into a much heavier, technically led song with big double bass rumbles that shake the ground and raw, Rosetta-like screams. ‘The Town of Empty Sound’ exacerbates this variety, providing an altogether different experience with soft, mellow guitars and female vocals provided by Maria Christopher. Although clearly showcasing the band in a different light, in the context of such a brief jaunt it does sound out of place and a bit tacked on.

Despite the quality of the mini album, Im more excited about whats to come in the futre.
Despite the quality of the mini album, Im more excited about whats to come in the future from these lads.

‘Sing Hera’ closes things on a more interesting note, wrapping itself around your head with sharp jabs of needles and barbed vocals. It’s the kind of sound that you just know would rattle the floor live, and given their already impressive list of support slots (Mastodon, 65daysofstatic) it’s a sound that is sure to have the headliners standing up and paying attention.

The fact that it’s so easy to name check other bands of such high calibre when writing about this release shows how much these guys are willing to wear their influences on their sleeves. Although it certainly doesn’t really add anything new to the fold, it is a solid foundation that is sure to find the band fans who will do nothing but eagerly anticipate a proper full on release. Hopefully, unlike the aforementioned Devil Sold His Soul, they won’t wallow in their own critical praise and create a lacklustre final product, but actually improve upon what they’ve got so far.

MP3: The Mirimar Disaster – Control. Alter. Delete


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